MDM offers CMMI Institute-authorized Introduction to CMMI® and appraisal team training using certified instructors.

CMMI Training

Introduction to the CMMI®

MDM offers CMMI Institute-authorized Introduction to CMMI® training using certified instructors. These classes provide people with the basic knowledge of the CMMI® required to function as SCAMPI℠ appraisal team members. The classes can also be used to familiarize other organization members with the CMMI®.

Shorter classes are available for senior and middle management and key technical people who might not serve on an appraisal team but desire a high-level understanding of the CMMI® and the role it plays in organization process improvement.

The Introduction to CMMI takes three days and covers both the Development and the Service Delivery Constellations. For a class size of up to 12 people the cost is $4500 plus royalty fees and travel expenses. Please call us to schedule a class at your location.

Appraisal team training

MDM uses CMMI Institute-certified CMMI® SCAMPI Lead Appraisers to train and lead appraisal teams. Team training is set up in accordance with organization needs. Appraisal team training typically is combined with a mini-appraisal, which takes about one week on-site. Please call us to discuss your appraisal and training needs so that we can develop a plan which meets your particular requirements.

A Process for Process Action Teams

This one-day workshop provides Process Action Teams with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to successfully develop and implement new or revised processes.

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